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Pope Rejects SCGS

Pope Benedict, sometimes (mis?)understood for promoting a Small Church Getting Smaller approach to distilling Catholicism to a core of orthodox(?) believers seemed to get behind a bold evangelization mindset in his homily earlier today. Pope Benedict has sometimes been presumed … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Sees

Interesting contrast in approaches to the children of same-sex couples. Even the conservatives of the blogosphere aren’t unified in opinion. It’s rather refreshing to see people grappling with a serious issue bereft of the ability to pull a quote from … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Killing the Lily?

My parish’s Art & Environment Committee met last night to wrap up Easter evaluation and get Pentecost and summer plans straightened out. This year’s Easter lilies seemed to fade quickly. Our church now looks like any of our other well-flowered … Continue reading

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RCIA 595: Acclamations 1-3

With very little fanfare, RCIA launches into a second appendix of many musical texts, but very little in terms of commentary. Perhaps between you reader and I we can come up with something substantive. RCIA’s Appendix II (the first appendix … Continue reading

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