Australian Church Stonewalls Victims

Sydney Morning Herald gives the details the Church won’t. One victim tells it:

Dealing with the church itself was a hell of a lot more traumatic than dealing with the abuse.

Indeed. According to the CathNews report, the Melbourne priest had his liturgical faculties removed, but he continues to serve:

Archbishop of Melbourne, Denis Hart … has repeatedly written letters warning him against working as a priest. Archbishop Hart also acknowledged the pain his victims would experience on learning of the priest’s actions, but has been unwilling to publicise the priest’s name to ensure he can’t act as a priest.

I don’t understand the reticence here. A diocese makes a list of priests who cannot say Mass and serve in ministry. No details are necessary. Every parish gets one. No pastor or deacon or lay administrator hires any priest on the list. It gets passed to other dioceses.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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One Response to Australian Church Stonewalls Victims

  1. smf says:

    Bishop of Broken Bay?

    Goodness isn’t that an unfortunate title, though this case seems even more unfortunate.

    It does seem like something was bungled here.

    Shouldn’t there be a list of priests with faculties in the diocese used to confirm who is and is not in good standing to do things? There need not be a list of those banned, only of those who currently have the authority from the bishop to act in his diocese. After all, don’t bishops have to grant their permission for any sort of public ministry?

    However, I must take slight issue with the headline of this, since neither linked article makes any mention of “stonewalling” so far as I can tell, nor do you offer any support for that title.

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