RCIA 595: Acclamations 5, 8-11


One acclamation from Psalm 34:6 well-suited for acceptance or welcoming:

5. Come to him and receive his light!

And Psalm 34 is designated at the Rite of Acceptance for the processional song after the signing of the senses and before the liturgy of the word. I’m less positive on linking this acclamation literally with the presentation of the baptismal candle. The rite “shows” people who come to God and receive his light; we don’t need to sing about it.

These next two are from 1 John:

8. You are now God’s children, my dearest friends. What you shall be in his glory has not yet been revealed. (3:2)

9. Think of how God loves you! He calls you his children, and that is what you are. (3:1)

These two Scripture passages are found in the Lectionary for both Easter (4th Sunday cycle B) and Christmas (Holy Family, cycle C). While I like these texts, I find them unappealing as acclamations, which ideally should be bursts of praise to God, not addressing people in the second person, God in the third.

This passage from Revelation 22:14 is more of an acclamation:

10. Happy are those who have washed their robes clean, washed in the blood of the Lamb!

My main worry with this would be the sing-songy quality of the text. Another text for the initiation rite, I would think.

And last, Saint Paul preaches to his difficult community, the Galatians (3:28)

11. All of you are one, united in Christ Jesus.

Probably the most popular contemporary piece this Scripture has been incorporated into, is John Foley’s “One Bread One Body.” Any of the three sacramental rites, especially Eucharist and mystagogy would seem apporpriate for this text.

Any last comments on this music? You all have been rather silent on RCIA for awhile.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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