Cardinal Brady’s Request: Auxiliary/Coadjutor/Expert?

This request from the see of Armagh is interesting. What did you think of it? Is clerical sex abuse and episcopal cover-up so grave it requires a bishop to lead a reconciliation initiative within a diocese, so is Cardinal Brady asking for a bishop to share his ministry? This is the quote from CNS as to what he asked the pope:

To assist me in addressing the vital work of healing, repentance and renewal, including engagement with survivors of abuse, as well as the many other challenges and opportunities which confront the (arch)diocese of Armagh and the church in Ireland at this time.

In recent history, such a bishop is appointed well before a standing bishop’s retirement as a humiliation of sorts. A coadjutor is assigned to remedy serious administrative situation. The resident bishop “loses” authority over a certain area of ministry and the new guy assumes responsibility there. So is Cardinal Brady asking for “healing, repentance, renewal, and engagement with survivors to be taken off his plate because he has done so poorly with them? Or that he has lost the confidence of his laity?

Or are the “many other challenges” such that the new bishop will be more a regular coadjutor, and will take over in a year or so instead of five? Or is Cardinal Brady asking for the modernism of an auxiliary bishop? If so, does the size of his diocese merit this? How does this square with the talk of fewer bishops, fewer dioceses for Ireland? Do we really need more bishops to throw at problems and challenges?

And if the prelate is looking for help for actual work in the diocese, what is he seeking from Rome that a priest or lay person could not do?

Lots of questions, but the cardinal’s proposed solution I cannot find suggested in Christus Dominus.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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