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Order of Christian Funerals (OCF)

Starting in the late 1970’s, various liturgical rites were re-examined in light of some years of post-conciliar practice. Liturgists and theologians had determined years before that the initial round of English translations were found wanting in many ways. Hasty work … Continue reading

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Excommunication: How Effective A Strategy?

Phoenix bishop Thomas J. Olmsted, depending on where you settle in the Culture War, is either a pro-life hero or a pro-life dupe who should resign. Interesting thread in progress at dotCommonweal. This post is going to be a bit … Continue reading

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RCIA 597: Songs from Ancient Liturgies

This section gives seven “songs” for use in the RCIA. For research on a forthcoming article, I’ve corresponded with a few scholars on these, most notably Msgr Bruce Harbert of ICEL. He┬ánoted one was from an inscription at an ancient … Continue reading

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