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William Mahrt On The Hours

I took some time to listen to Professor Mahrt’s piece on Praying and Singing the Divine Office which Jeffrey Tucker posted on Chant Café today along with other recordings of music and talk from the CMAA Colloquium. Charles suggested a more positive approach … Continue reading

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OCF 28-29: Prayers and Intercessions

Aside from the readings and music, there are prayers at the funeral rites to which we give voice. The next two sections treat those of the priest/presider (28) and those of the faithful (29): 28. In the presidential prayers of … Continue reading

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More Adventures with Hermeneutics

The blogging right tries to pin blame for Catholic Eurodecline on Cardinal Danneels: At the center of this story is retired Archbishop Godfried Danneels. He is a classic post-Vatican II liberal, someone who had the relative sympathy of the secular … Continue reading

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CMAA Adventures

Just a few points from my friends in the CMAA. First, they’ve completed their twentieth Colloquium, so good work on a good week of renewal with the music they love. On the other hand, I’m trying to discern what Jeffrey … Continue reading

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A Nod and Smile Moment?

The Schönborn/Sodano dust-up got some “clarification” from the top. This is just so interesting and snark-friendly on so many levels, I can’t resist. Rock and a few commentators noted that while Cardinal Schönborn may have been “slapped,” the Austrian archbishop … Continue reading

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Take Up Your Cross

This past Sunday, we programmed “Take Up Your Cross,” a 19th century text by Charles W. Everest set in Gather Comprehensive to the tune O WALY WALY. I was careful to listen for the people singing in the pews, and … Continue reading

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OCF 27: Homily

How to balance the modern urge to eulogize, but yet honor the nature of the liturgy? 27. A brief homily based on the readings is always given after the gospel reading at the funeral liturgy and may also be given … Continue reading

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