My wife had an opportunity to visit a friend back in Kansas City, and assist in the care of some pets. She’s been gone the whole week. It sure will be good to have her home again Monday.

Meanwhile the young miss enjoyed her last week of seventh grade. This whole week pretty much made up for the snow days of this past winter of fond memory. I guess you can’t have a field trip in a local park or walk to the bowling alley in the driving, blinding snow. Watching movies in science class seems to go better when the air conditioning is cranking and the temps have hit 90.

Another parents and I were talking about this. There seemed to be a mad scramble to make up these snow days and squeeze them all in by this Friday. If the last week of school was to be taken up with parties and parks and perks, we had to ask: why bother? I know, I know: the required number of education days.

If only the state were more flexible. I have this excellent dvd for viewing at home. We could have enjoyed it with popcorn and bathroom breaks as needed. But of course we live in an oppressive, socialist regime now: obey the state and don’t ask questions.

This is my wife’s first extended trip away from the two of us. We’re doing okay with food. We can make a few things Anita doesn’t care to eat. Spaghetti. Beans. It’s been pretty sane fare this week though: pizza one night (a recipe my wife likes) and pork chops last night (another favorite–but not mine).

Last night I also assembled (I hesitate to say “cooked”) rice cereal treats. Sometimes I add cocoa to the marshmallow/butter glue. Last night the young miss suggested cinnamon just after I sprinkled in some cardamom. Nuts are also a good additive: cashews or almonds. I had almonds, but forgot where I stored them.

This weekend is moderately busy: a trip to the library today and a gig at a friend’s church later this afternoon. I’ll mostly be playing my fretless electric bass for that one. I’m barely a competent bass player–I much prefer the piano. They’ll let me play a little of that on the psalm and Communion song.

Tomorrow I have a rare seat at the 8:30AM piano. Surprisingly the young miss consented to that Mass instead of tonight’s.

And after all that, it will be Monday. Thank goodness. The house isn’t the same without a wife and mother.

And that image above, may be the most flattering shot of the two of us: fifteen years ago and with much less gray.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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