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Fake TLM Priest

Do you know your Latin Mass priest is authentic? A Filipino man was found to be a fraud. He reportedly attracted parishioners with his celebration of the Mass, which was described as ‚Äúreminiscent of all the reverence and strict compliance … Continue reading

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Another Italian Cardinal Under Fire

First Sodano and now this. Pope Benedict had an interesting (serendipitous? apt?) comment in his homily today at an ordination Mass at St Peter’s: (T)he priesthood can never be a way to achieve security in life or to gain a … Continue reading

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Adoro Te

Charles’ suggestion in this thread got me thinking. It was the farewell weekend for our associate pastor. I had also drawn accompanist duty at the 10:30 Mass, so I pondered something along these lines would be appropriate, given Fr Dennis’ … Continue reading

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When I was a kid, and the neighborhood or schoolyard argument wasn’t going one’s way, a surefire escalation was to usher in one’s favorite team, one’s mother, or someone’s sexual activity–ion a negative light. Fisticuffs sometimes ensued. The blogosphere seems … Continue reading

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OCF 20: Undertakers

Work with people who provide service in the care of the body and the arrangements for the funeral liturgies: 20. In countries or regions where an undertaker, and the family or community, carries out the preparation and transfer of the … Continue reading

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