Another Italian Cardinal Under Fire

First Sodano and now this.

Pope Benedict had an interesting (serendipitous? apt?) comment in his homily today at an ordination Mass at St Peter’s:

(T)he priesthood can never be a way to achieve security in life or to gain a social position. He who aspires to the priesthood to enhance his own personal prestige and power has misunderstood the meaning of this ministry at its root. He who wants above all to realize an ambition of his own, to achieve a personal success, will always be a slave to himself and public opinion. To be considered, he will have to flatter; he must say what the people want to hear, he must adapt himself to changing fashions and opinions and, thus, he will deprive himself of the vital relationship with the truth, reducing himself to condemning tomorrow what he praises today. A man who plans his life like this, a priest who sees his ministry in these terms, does not truly love God and others, but only himself and, paradoxically, ends up losing himself.

This was a notable thought:

… adapt himself to changing fashions and opinions …

Kind of like the new angry conservative Catholicism, don’t you think? Serenity and calm haven’t worked immediately, so let’s go on a political rampage and savage people, their reputations, fire them from their jobs, and excommunicate them.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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