Perpetual War

I can’t say I was terribly excited by the news this past week of generals misbehaving. Like the military leaders of the Great War, the military leaders of the so-called war on terror are wholly unprepared for the advances in communications technology and the development of morale in acolytes for what can rightly be called the triumph of extremists and of the corrupt.

Mr Bush played right into the hands of third world extremists. Our present president seems to be up for more of the same. Duped. Both of them. Both unworthy of a moral Christian vote.

It’s time to support the troops and bring them all home. Then support them some more and discharge with dishonor a line of officers who have betrayed their brothers and sisters when they needed them most.

My suggestion is if the oil companies want war, let them hire mercenaries and staff the front lines themselves. Then we’ll see how profitable fossil fuels really are without the government underwriting the game.

Equally unimpressed with the meme of contrition being promoted among citizens these days: it’s our fault too that the Gulf oil spill happened. Which isn’t to say we can’t be walking and biking more–we can. But there is a direct criminal negligence in play here–both in the Gulf of Mexico and around the Persian Gulf.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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