William Mahrt On The Hours

I took some time to listen to Professor Mahrt’s piece on Praying and Singing the Divine Office which Jeffrey Tucker posted on Chant Café today along with other recordings of music and talk from the CMAA Colloquium. Charles suggested a more positive approach with his CMAA confreres, so here goes.

I’ll mention I liked the in-depth treatment given Psalm 109 (110 in  post-conciliar rendering) and a discussion on the various antiphons for that psalm and Gospel canticle. I’ve prayed the post-conciliar office for thirty-some years, so I don’t have much connection with the preconciliar patterns. Still, very informative. I’m sure I’ll give the music a listen in the days ahead.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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  1. Thanks, Todd. There was a great amount of discussion and musical exposition concerning interrelationships bwtween the D.O. and the development of the Mass.

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