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On Saint Expeditus

The pastor preaches this past weekend, starting with an obscure saint, moving to the notion of discipleship and what that might mean for a serious believer. Not that we’re all going to suddenly leave families and let the dead bury … Continue reading

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The young miss and I tracked the International¬† Space Station tonight. It appeared in the west and scooted in a four-minute arc across the sky before disappearing in the northeast. You can check out this page to find times when … Continue reading

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Perpetual War

I can’t say I was terribly excited by the news this past week of generals misbehaving. Like the military leaders of the Great War, the military leaders of the so-called war on terror are wholly unprepared for the advances in … Continue reading

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A Fancy Toilet

Has anybody found any of the new quarters in pocket change yet? With the economy in the tank, coin production continues to slip downward. I’ve only found two, and had to pass one on to the young miss. I like … Continue reading

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OCF 25-26: Psalms

Why psalms? 25. The psalms are rich in imagery, feeling, and symbolism. They powerfully express the suffering and pain, the hope and trust of people of every age and culture. Above all the psalms sing of faith in God, of … Continue reading

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It’s a Moon

But which one? Last Friday friends had us out to their farm for some potluck salads and fish tacos. Between us and their other friends, we had four telescopes out behind the silos and the potato garden. The weather had … Continue reading

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Oil Containers

I’ve blogged about my parish’s ambry before, but I don’t think I’ve ever show you the close-ups of the oil vessels. They look rather smudgy. I took these images from my cell phone early in Holy Week before they were … Continue reading

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