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Postal Handwringing, But Why?

CNS feature on postal rate increases, and people getting nervous. Um, this is the twenty-first century. We don’t rely on hard copy in many media, including fundraising. I wonder if a church conference would ever be convened amongst a larger … Continue reading

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Vox Clara Bishop Goes to Bat for the Grail

Heard from a reliable source at the conference this week: one of the Vox Clara bishops has intervened with the CDWDS on their 341 changes for the Grail Psalter. Reportedly some of the changes were wholly out of keeping with … Continue reading

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OCF 35: Easter Candle and Other Candles

Let’s get the OCF series back on track, shall we? Just a reminder for those joining us late in the game that the purpose of these hundreds of posts on church documents is to study them for a perspective on … Continue reading

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