New Zealand: Good To Go With MR3

Can’t fault the New Zealand bishops for a lack of zeal. They’re ready to go with the new English translation in Advent 2010. (Thanks, PrayTell for the tip.)

Even diddling and fiddling from Rome won’t stop these folks. There’s a Catechesis/Publicity page detailing the timetable and a bit of the plans. Four Sunday homilies, starting this weekend, will get the public face rolling. Then there’s a national prayer for the implementation on August 22nd.

And publishers? Who needs publishers? By October, “Templates (for print, data projector, OHP) for People’s Parts of the Mass to be available to parishes and schools.”

Also of interest is the plan for a “Liturgy of Transition” on Christ the King weekend. I’ll be interested to see what that looks like: a side-by-side comparison of the old and new, a “teaching” Mass, or a burning and burial of old missals.

I noticed some of the materials are in Maori. There’s a translation and a tri-lingual Mass setting for use. Don’t the Kiwis need a recognitio for this? The whole point of Liturgiam Authenticam was to tighten up the translation process on the institutional side. Who approved a Maori-language Missal?


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One Response to New Zealand: Good To Go With MR3

  1. Tony Barr says:

    Hey, I have a copy of the Zaire sacramentary, which basically allows them to do what they want. Mass is party time for them, like gathering for a village meeting. They celebrate every event in their lives, from visits by relatives to finding a new job or going on a trip to the next village half a mile down the road. Lit Auth was written in latin and so, apparently, doesn’t apply to the Congolese.

    I like it.

    Perhaps New Zealand should have had a fourth translation – for sheep?

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