Who Should Be The Patron Saint of Soccer?

Here’s a good question for the sports-minded. An Austrian journalist and (of course) the Salesian News Agency are promoting Saint John Bosco. It’s probably not lofty enough for John Paul II, who still awaits official sainthood. He was a very athletic-minded and outdoors guy, well into his papacy. Don’t know if he played soccer. Probably, eh?

Saints Christopher and Sebastian are called upon to watch over athletes, but I think soccer is significant enough for its own special patron.

Whom would you suggest?


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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7 Responses to Who Should Be The Patron Saint of Soccer?

  1. William says:

    Pope JP II played soccer when he was young. He was a goalkeeper and apparently a good one according to those who knew him back then. Probably played a little on the field too.

  2. Found in a church in Mexico City:


  3. Liam says:

    I would think the answer is obvious: St Jude the Apostle. For the losers.

    On a more ghoulish note (though not quite as gruesome as people who were actually martyred by kicking), St Irenaeus of Lyon, whose body was disinterred from its shrine during the French Wars of Religion and the head was kicked about in the streets….

    • Liam says:

      Yeah, but it’s actually pretty consistent with the way patron saints have been popularly adopted over the centuries. I mean, St Lawrence as patron of cooks (being martyred via roasting on a gridiron), and St Sebastian as patron of archers, et cet. This species of ghoulishness is a pretty ancient Catholic expression of bravado.

  4. David D. says:

    These guys stick with Ss. Christopher and Sebastian:


  5. keeter says:

    John Paul II! He was a goalkeeper in Poland as a boy

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