Need a Liturgical Blessing for your Arthritis?

This Sunday’s your day, courtesy of the Redemptorists. Father Thomas Picton, superior of the Denver province:

We hope this is the beginning of an annual tradition that brings people to our churches to ask for the blessing and intercession of our great saint on his feast day and to beseech our Father in heaven to grant these suffering souls deliverance from their pains.

I didn’t know St Alphonsus Ligouri–a doctor of the Church–was the patron of arthritis sufferers. But I give a thumbs up to the observance. Literally. My right thumb was diagnosed as arthritic years ago. I do hope, however, that the Church’s devotional calendar doesn’t become filled with an illness-of-the-week. Six months opposite Saint Blase–that doesn’t seem so bad.

Which prayer would you choose? This one, which emphasizes union with the suffering Christ? Or the second one on this page?

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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