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Newman, Our Heritage

My parish is not a Newman Center. As I understand it, we were founded as a Newman Club at Iowa State in 1947 by Father James Supple, a priest assigned to the other parish in town. In less that two … Continue reading

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On a Musical Mission

Like most music directors, I receive nice glossy packets soliciting me to bring my choir to Rome or other nice places. And I do love to travel, so these pilgrimages strike me as attractive. However, I’ve also heard from friends … Continue reading

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OCF 98-100: Related Rites and Prayers

In addition to the funeral vigil, the OCF offers “related rites and prayers” for the period between death and the funeral liturgy. These three sections of OCF give the introduction and background on these. Sections 101 through 127 will give … Continue reading

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OCF 82-97: Vigil with Reception at the Church

The vigil may be celebrated at a church. If so, the rite presumes the body will be received with more ritual. In other locations, the vigil is quite simple with four elements: greeting, opening song, invitation to prayer, followed by … Continue reading

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Newman’s Feast Day Set

Some discussion in our parish about observing the Cardinal Newman beatification on the 18-19 September weekend. I’ve been asked to make a liturgical connection with our Episcopalian sisters and brothers down the street for a possible Sunday Vespers. My liturgical … Continue reading

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Yoga Rhinos

I’m surprised more pro teams don’t turn to yoga like my hometown soccer Rhinos. Assistant coach Bill Sedgewick: I played a lot of minutes and I was never injured. I felt fresh. I felt it was the best way for … Continue reading

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Using the Bible for Iowa Politics

Jimmy Mac sent this news bit about one of my fellow Iowans to my attention. You know, I confess a few guilty pleasures in my life. I like to watch and listen when non-scientists talk about science. Also cool is … Continue reading

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What’s With The Propers?

It seems as if everybody’s home from the CMAA Colloquium and suddenly Jeffrey Tucker and the reform2 folks are all over the overthrow of the current Roman Catholic repertoire at Entrance, Communion, and preparation. I guess when you can’t eject … Continue reading

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OCF 73-81: Vigil, Word, Intercessions, Conclusion

The OCF book in the US edition gives a brief rubric in #73, noting that “(o)ther readings, psalms, and gospel readings are given in Part III” which is OCF 343-347. Then in number 74, a sample reading is given from … Continue reading

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A Glance at Marriage Preparation, A Genius of an Idea

I was in a meeting with our two priests and Brenda, our marriage coordinator, today and I heard a few things that perked my pastoral ears. If your parishes and dioceses are like mine, they offer engaged couples a number … Continue reading

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MR3 Lab: More of the Sweet Prospect Gloria

I was feeling blocked on the central portion of the MR3 Gloria, so I jumped ahead to the end: As I said before, my goal is to get the whole Gloria set to “Sweet Prospect” before settling on a final … Continue reading

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OCF 69-72: Vigil, Introductory Rites

For the next few posts, I’d like to zero in on a few noteworthy aspects of the liturgy of the funeral vigil. I debated about excluding these–hence my silence on funerals the past few days. The introductory rites include four … Continue reading

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What’s The Deal With CCHD?

Somebody breathe into a bag, please. I see the Right is gearing up for another campaign against CCHD. Honestly, I don’t get the partial brain block of these people. Granted, the idea that CCHD money would go to support immoral … Continue reading

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Last Person Out of the Church, Please Turn Off the Stove

Lest anyone thought the final word on MR3 was going to cool things off, think again. I hope Paul Inwood is wrong, but on the PrayTell site he mused that the USCCB might not allow for any lead time on … Continue reading

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Pick Space Music

You space buffs out there might know that astronauts are awakened each working day with music selected and piped into whatever passes for an alarm system on the space shuttle. While you may be disappointed with the musical selections for … Continue reading

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