The Armchair Liturgist At Saturday Vigil On A Solemnity

Lectionary ’98 expanded offerings for observing vigil for a few solemnities, including this weekend’s feast, Assumption. Twenty-some priest/preachers I’ve worked with in four parishes over the past twelve years have mostly demurred (but not always) from using vigil readings. I don’t press the issue. But I see their point: preparing one Scripture-based homily on a weekend is usually enough. That’s the pattern for ordinary Sundays, so why should it change this weekend?

Sit in the purple chair, and influence a new generation of clergy. If you will. If you can. If you dare. What would be your ideal practice: use the Vigil readings tomorrow evening or look the other way–toward Sunday?

And if you plan to buck the trend toward practicality/pragmatism, what persuasive arguments would you give to a reluctant priest? Do you have something that a semi-liturgical guy could buy into? Or has the Saturday night phenomenon washed away the significance of the vigil, and maybe we should forget about an otherwise good idea?

Compare the readings here on the USCCB site.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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One Response to The Armchair Liturgist At Saturday Vigil On A Solemnity

  1. FrMichael says:

    As a pastor I leave it up to the associates.

    However, there is one method that almost always works to have a priest focus his homily on the vigil: make that his only Sunday Mass to celebrate.

    Works like a charm, particularly during the NFL season. :p

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