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Pick Space Music

You space buffs out there might know that astronauts are awakened each working day with music selected and piped into whatever passes for an alarm system on the space shuttle. While you may be disappointed with the musical selections for … Continue reading

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MR3 Official!

The countdown begins: in 464 days we have our final implementation. Those of us who don’t depend on published materials for the Order of Mass can begin any time, I suppose. New Zealand can scout the territory ahead; let us … Continue reading

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CitE* Watch: What Kind of Politics for Cardinal Ouellet?

LifeSiteNews picks up the topic with this headline: “Ouellet: We Need Bishops With ‘Spiritual Discernment’ over ‘Political Calculation’.” But to what kind of “political calculation” is the new Congregation of Bishop head referring? For nearly all bishops, the political sphere … Continue reading

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Reform2 Sabotaged!

Oh, the humanity! I’m sure this programme of music for the pope’s “prayer vigil” will set back the Second Coming of Tradition at least … a day. Actually, the pope is only there for “Part Five,” which is programmed thus: … Continue reading

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