MR3 Official!

The countdown begins: in 464 days we have our final implementation.

Those of us who don’t depend on published materials for the Order of Mass can begin any time, I suppose. New Zealand can scout the territory ahead; let us know of any road hazards before we get there.

Also of note, a boatload of US adaptations:

In addition, on July 24, the Vatican gave approval for several adaptations, including additional prayers for the Penitential Act at Mass and the Renewal of Baptismal Promises on Easter Sunday. Also approved are texts of prayers for feasts specific to the United States such as Thanksgiving, Independence Day and the observances of feasts for saints such as Damien of Molokai, Katharine Drexel, and Elizabeth Ann Seton. The Vatican also approved the Mass for Giving Thanks to God for the Gift of Human Life, which can be celebrated on January 22.

That last piece was an idea of Cardinal O’Connor and amazingly, has been held up for years in the bureaucracy. I believe it was included or considered for MR2. But it is a big surprise that this votive Mass wouldn’t be supported in Rome until now.

Msgr. Anthony Sherman, Director of the USCCB Secretariat for Divine Worship:

A great effort to produce the new Roman Missal for the United States, along with the other necessary resources, has begun.  Even as that work is underway a full–scale catechesis about the Liturgy and the new Roman Missal should be taking place in parishes, so that when the time comes, everyone will be ready.

I’m leaning toward new Mass settings wherever possible; what about you? I’m also wondering about the size of the print card for the Creed (which we probably won’t sing regularly) and the other parts of the Order of Mass. Something that lasts about a year seems right.

Any other initial thoughts on this?


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to MR3 Official!

  1. Joyce Donahue says:

    Well, now that the waiting is over, we buckle down to the hard work of implementation, eh? As to using new Mass settings, I agree new might well be easier. See my blog post on an experience of sight-reading new and old Mass settings at a recent publisher’s event:

    Besides, can you imagine singing Mass of Creation without “Christ Has Died..”?

  2. FrMichael says:

    I looked through the Ordinary of the Mass on the USCCB website. I can’t believe the drama of the past several months on some blogs was occasioned by what we eventually got. Perhaps the final product was improved by the controversy. In any case, I’m not concerned by implementing this and look forward to working with the parish Liturgy Committee in seeking the way forward.

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