What’s The Deal With CCHD?

Somebody breathe into a bag, please.

I see the Right is gearing up for another campaign against CCHD. Honestly, I don’t get the partial brain block of these people. Granted, the idea that CCHD money would go to support immoral activities is beyond reasonable consideration. It seems the CCHD leadership addresses these matters in an honest-enough way.

The Professional Right seems to have a selective memory (or intelligence) on matters CCHD:

– Local dioceses are involved with the contacts and vetting of groups seeking grants.

– CCHD is, by definition, about “human development,” not charity. Charity, by a standard definition, is a gift. Like today’s fish. For four decades, the governing principle at CCHD has been to give people resources to fish for themselves: assert themselves in society and provide for their own needs. It’s a curious thing why Republicans would have a problem with self-determination–unless, of course, it doesn’t involve dropping cash into their own coffers.

– Deal Hudson’s list today takes up quite a bit of screen space, but some of the groups listed were already denied funding. Granted, he does fudge with the phrase “groups of interest.” I suppose one can generate a bit of heat for one’s echo chamber by listing everybody who deigns to apply for Catholic money. But what’s the substance of it? Anything outside of the Karl Rove discredit and pink slip approach?

– I see marxism has also made today’s list of meanies, sometimes carefully disguised as criticism of capitalism. Equating some capitalists with criminals? That might be fairly accurate in some quarters, given the adventures of the world economy over the past two to three years.

What’s questionable in an otherwise interesting discussion is that many CCHD critics refuse to read or engage those who disagree with them. The CCHD case is out there. One doesn’t need to pad one’s web site with fluff to make a case. In fact, it calls into question the very motives of critics like Deal Hudson. He’s not willing to engage people with the facts. But he’s happy to surround himself with dittoheads. Especially if they’re paying customers.


About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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