Situation Normal …

When the pope travels, he moves with diplomats, secretaries, security personnel, medical people. Also his liturgist. From CNS:

This “mini-Vatican” is small enough to fit on his chartered jet, but diverse enough to respond to challenges in strategic areas — including diplomatic crises, security breaches, liturgical snafus, reporters’ questions and even medical emergencies.

Liturgical snafus? They do realize the meaning of the term, right? Situation normal: all fouled up. Some deep-seated acknowledgment on the past twelve years of the Age of Liturgiam Authenticam?

An interesting note on papal public relations:

Probably the most visible figure on the papal plane is the one standing next to him when the pope answers reporters’ questions: Father Federico Lombardi, the Vatican spokesman. Father Lombardi, a 68-year-old Jesuit, has had his share of public relations ordeals during papal trips, beginning with the pope’s speech on Islam in Regensburg, Germany, in 2006.

The pope’s off-the-cuff comments on his plane have also ignited public debate, on topics ranging from Marian apparitions to condoms. Although the questions on these flying news conferences are now pre-selected from reporters’ submissions, Father Lombardi apparently tries not to over-vet.

Remember the, um, snafu over the pope’s condom comment on the way to Africa. Fr Lombardi knew that question was coming. Apparently, he didn’t realize its significance. Nice. And now, how many of the pope’s defenders even remember which country was visited?


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