Bringing Home Civilian Displacement in Iraq

The America blog reports on Cardinal McCarrick’s visit and subsequent essay on civilian life in Iraq. This kind of news won’t get mainstream airplay in this country, probably because the conservative-minded corporations that control the so-called librul media wouldn’t see human interest stories–and depressing stories at that–as in the best interests of continuing the advertising gravy train propping up their brand of capitalism.

I know I’ve done this map once or twice before, but bear with me today …

Iraq has about a tenth of the population of the US, so comparisons are pretty easy to make, numbers-wise. If the US, heaven forbid, were subjected to an invasion and occupation of the Iraq brand, the equivalent of the entire population of three medium-large midwestern states would have fled to Canada and points beyond. Say Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan. If you wanted another part of the country, just evacuate Texas into points south. Or ship New England and New Jersey if you want a more minimal impact on geographical area.

The states marked red are those in which the populations are still present within the nation. It’s just that they’re living in refugee camps or are homeless. Again, for a more minimal geographical impact, just level every house and apartment building in New York State. Or the Pacific Coast states from Fresno to the Canadian border.

If the US were Iraq, everyone would concede that the state of New Mexico (or its equivalent population) would be dead. The gray area for civilian deaths would cover Utah and Colorado. Color them more black if you trust reports from non-combatants. Or mostly white if you accept the story of the occupying alliance.

So consider your family, friends, and business clients. Anybody in an erased zone would be gone to another country. If someone close to you lived in a red state before, they might be living in your basement right now. And if you knew someone in the southwest, you probably haven’t heard from them in seven years.

I was thinking how more evenly the casualties in Iraq are than chunks of US States. Let’s think about the American population pyramid. Refugees abroad: everybody from age 45 to 50. Displaced within the country: everybody from 35 to 40. And the dead? Pick any year or three under the age of sixty.

Any major party politicians want to address this in the next few months?

Didn’t think so.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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