Font Returned

The Sydney Morning Herald picked up this tale of parishioners defying their pastor and returning a baptismal font from a church rear to a baptistry. Cheers accompanied the return from eighteen-month exile of three slabs of stone from a sacred aboriginal site. Father Clesio Mendes:

If we bring it forward we have to make it a new shape. It doesn’t look like a baptismal fountain.

Hmm. Fonts come in all shapes: octagons, hexagons, crosses, rectangles, and many designs are suggestive of the tomb of Christ, the eighth day, the sixth day, and such. I found the image above on the occasionally-updated parish blog. And well, no, it doesn’t look like a fountain. And it’s not the shape of font I would design, but you have to tread carefully on matters that touch the sacramental life of Catholics.

It seems there’s more simmering at St Vincent’s than stones and water.

Check out last weekend’s parish bulletin, and a notice at the bottom left of the page.

One parishioner on their pastor’s reputation:

He refuses to talk to the people, to negotiate.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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