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Pope Benedict on Quantity and Quality

Pope Benedict responds to a question on his recent trip. NCReg gives a translation: Our goals should not be more power and more people, but instead to be at the service of Another – to be servants. But good servants … Continue reading

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2013 a Solar Stormy Year?

Will our cell phones and computers be safe? Vatican astronomer Guy Consolmagno on the solar maximum and a potential threat to wireless technology. Nice seven-minute feature from Vatican Radio–worth a listen, despite a cutoff before the end of the piece.

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Our Lady, Help of Presidents

So the president is actually a secret Catholic instead of a Muslim. Who knew?

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OCF 133: At the Church Entrance

If reception hasn’t taken place at an earlier rite celebrated at the church … 133. The rite of reception takes place at the beginning of the funeral liturgy, usually at the entrance of the church. It begins with a greeting … Continue reading

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