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A Holy Day of Opportunity

Good word from the pastor this weekend at Mass, who, when announcing tomorrow’s liturgy, said that while it is not a holy day of obligation in our diocese, it remains a holy day of opportunity. At 10:00 tonight at the church … Continue reading

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OCF 165-169: Funeral Mass, Word and Eucharist

Once everyone is seated after the opening prayer, the funeral Mass continues pretty much like any other Sunday Mass. Hopefully with good music and the leadership of a choir, if possible. “Depending on pastoral circumstances,” you can proclaim either one … Continue reading

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Why Not Mysticism?

  I know this piece went up before I left, but I noted the 100-plus comment thread yesterday. I got to about number 25 and thought, “same old, same old,” yawned, and moved on. Wouldn’t serendipity bring me to begin … Continue reading

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“Look Beyond Me”

I could say that my retreat was a sort of spiritual feast, and there was way too much to digest. Let alone sort through for what was great, good, meh, or something else–at least right now. Something that popped up … Continue reading

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A Sensible Suggestion

Which will probably never be considered, but here goes: 1. The CDWDS should retreat to the 2008 translation of the MR3, and prepare a like one for the German language. These translations should then be defined as the English and … Continue reading

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Probably the first time in ecclesiastical history that someone is holding a pep rally for the Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura. Not bad for a guy who never saw a schism he couldn’t widen. As a … Continue reading

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Clarifying Some Categories

Thanks for the comments taking me to task on my characterizations of some conservatives. Over the past few years, I’ve been especially careful in my criticism of ideologies within the Church. You can pretty much read what I write as … Continue reading

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