OCF 137-138: Liturgy of the Word

Some guidance for the readings. We’ll get to the music, homily, and intercessions in the next three posts. First off, the five reasons Scripture is proclaimed at a funeral:

137. The reading of the word of God is an essential element of the celebration of the funeral liturgy. The readings …

– proclaim the paschal mystery,

– teach remembrance of the dead,

– convey the hope of being gathered together again in God’s kingdom, and

– encourage the witness of Christian life.

– Above all, the readings tell of God’s design for a world in which suffering and death will relinquish their hold on all whom God has called his own.

Reasons one and four obviously hold for the proclamation of the word (and therefore, the homily) at the Sunday Eucharist. Some of my colleagues get a bit finicky about number two, especially when the remembrance gets a little on the personal side. I think the Word (and therefore, the homily) can unpack something about how and why we remember the dead (plural) and aim the parish community and the mourners to a more appropriate and honorable remembrance.

138. Depending on pastoral circumstances, there may be either one or two readings before the gospel reading. When there is a first and second reading before the gospel reading, it is preferable to have a different reader for each.

OCF 138 codifies a recommendation in frequent practice at Sunday Masses in this country.

Any comments on this?


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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