On Fish Eggs and French Wine

It’s my premise that liturgists and liturgy-curious Catholics are growing weary of MR3. Why else would PrayTell attract seventy-plus comments on a thread about a gold trimmed and jewel-encrusted banner hanging out the pope’s window?

I’m sure it’s all well-meaning. And paid for, no doubt, with private donations that otherwise would have stocked the booze and caviar cabinets of wealthy papal supporters. So if someone has sacrificed a fine French dinner wine or a platter full of fish eggs (breaking out the rice-n-beans?) to dress up the Vatican from those conciliar iconoclasts, all well and good, says the cheerleader crew.

Color me less than convinced. Once again, I think the sycophants are running the show in Rome. No problem from me for nice vestments for the pope. But with respect to the notion of that dictator, relativism, does the Holy Father realize the message preached to both the flock and the unchurched by this display? Doesn’t he have anyone in his entourage to suggest that simple comfortable shoes, a simple miter of a bishop, a simple identifying banner–these are things that will be peripherally acknowledged–and then we can attend to the Gospel message?

We’re living in an ADD world, friends. Red shoes will get noticed today. Tomorrow it will be Brett Favre’s e-messages. Yawn. Life goes on. Jesus Christ is shelved. He didn’t deal with fancy footwear or cell phones. No wonder the dicastery for New Evangelization is so slow to emerge, crawling out, as it were, from under pearls and caviar.


About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to On Fish Eggs and French Wine

  1. Todd, eloquent post.
    It does sort of seem that the whole schmeer has gone “whacked off-center” with the Roman part of Catholic. I don’t disavow Fr. Zed’s defense that the tip of the change the world ethos is change the liturgy. But the labyrinth that has become MR3 of late, plus this tiara kerfuffle, the status of womynpriests being handcuffed to pederast clerics in the same holding cell…..
    Well it’s all too much.
    BTW, I’m wondering if Mr. Fahv-ruh will descend into the DeProfundis hole in Chile once the last minor is rescued. Without his smart phone (which itself is an oxymoron.)

  2. “There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.”

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