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Gee, It Might Not Be There

That “new Earth” discovered orbiting Gliese 581? Maybe it’s not there after all. Astronomers have confirmed this red dwarf star has four planets. But the two newest ones–including planet “g” that’s getting all this attention–cannot be discerned apart from the … Continue reading

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Anointing for Mental Illness

I follow Fr Edward McNamara’s weekly liturgy Q&A feature on Zenit. Even if I disagree with his response (which I do this week) I have to admit the guy is willing to engage some of those who write to him. … Continue reading

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OCF 147: More on the Final Commendation and Farewell

Of what does this Final Commendation and Farewell consist? 147. The rite begins with the minister’s opening words and a few moments of silent prayer. The opening words serve as a brief explanation of the rite and as an invitation … Continue reading

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