OCF 155-157: Location, Texts, and Music

Three quick bits on the funeral Mass before we get into the actual red-n-black of OCF 158-176. First, it’s about location, location, location:

155. The funeral Mass is ordinarily celebrated in the parish church.

And the words one uses:

156. The Mass texts are those of the Roman Missal and the Lectionary for Mass, “Masses for the Dead.” The intercessions should be adapted to the circumstances. Models are given in place and in part V, (OCF) 401.

157. In the choice of music for the funeral Mass, preference should be given to the singing of the acclamations, the responsorial psalm, the entrance and communion songs, and especially the song of farewell at the final commendation.

These priorities align with those of the Sunday Eucharist. Makes perfect sense. Sunday is the model for the funeral Mass, just as Easter is the model for Sunday, and the original expression of the Paschal Mystery should guide our own metanoia and awakening into glory. The song of farewell is about as high on the to-be-sung list as anything else, including acclamations. The assumption we’ve been working on all through this document is that the assembly’s singing drives the matter here. Recall that OCF 153 endorses and recommends a choir “whenever possible,” but this is as a service to the leading of the people’s singing.

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