Rindfleisch, Anonymous, and Others

Tinkering with the English version of the Roman Missal continues apace. One money quote from Jerry Galipeau’s blog regarding MR3.2:

It will be interesting to see if Fr Z and other champions of accuracy and orthodoxy are willing to go bat for this turkey.

Speaking for myself, I can hardly wait for all this nonsense to die out. Practically every liturgy workshop, conference, and cocktail party in the English-speaking Catholic world has zeroed in on the new translation. Frankly, I’m sick of it. If I want to learn about liturgy, I sure as heckfire don’t want to hear another word on this mess. I almost signed up for a campus ministry conference in Florida this January. I settled on a retreat next week–which I need more than a conference. The same week a big diocesan worship on … what else? … MR3.

Our parish faith formation director was stunned I wasn’t going. They aren’t paying me to present on it, I almost said. I told her I’d go over the issues with her either before or after the conference. She opted for after.

Monday night I presented the MR3 to the parish liturgy commission. Trust me: I did a fair job for the principles behind the new translation. It seems inevitable I’ll be on point for the parish presentation next year. Do you trust me on that one? lol.

The situation with this translation is truly about as bad as I could have imagined it. The conservatives will stick with it, for the most part, because they have little else but loyalty to authority to buck up their lagging spirits. But the erosion of good will is evident. Intelligent conservatives know this deal is incompetent, clumsy, and just plain headscratchable. And most of us progressives needed little convincing this clueless translation was going to set aside beauty and artistry for petty politics. So we have that, too.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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3 Responses to Rindfleisch, Anonymous, and Others

  1. Jeff says:


    So those that are loyal to authority are dim-witted drones that cannot think for themselves? Why the stereotypes and vitriol?

  2. Liam says:

    That begs the question of what “loyal to authority” necessarily looks like.

    There’s an old fable about that one. It involves an emperor and a child. Who was most loyal to the emperor’s authority? The one who kept things up for appearance’s sake? Or the one who didn’t? The normal moral is the latter.

  3. Liam says:

    Let’s not confuse loyalty and fidelity with an codependent and enabling docility.

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