OCF 180-182: Readings, Music, Vesture

Let’s get to the last three paragraphs of instruction on funeral liturgy outside Mass:

180. The readings are those of the Lectionary for Mass, “Masses for the Dead.” The intercessions should be adapted to the circumstances. Models are given in place and in Part V (OCF 401). The celebration may also include holy communion.

181. In the choice of music for the funeral liturgy, preference should be given to the singing of the entrance song, the responsorial psalm, the gospel acclamation, and especially the song of farewell at the final commendation.

182. The minister who is a priest or deacon wears an alb with stole (a cope may be used, if desired); a layperson who presider wears the liturgical vestments approved for the region.


Nothing surprising here. Note that you can have a funeral liturgy with Communion service. Music choices for the liturgy of the Word and final commendation: the same as for the funeral Mass. And vesture: the cope makes sense to me.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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