Bishops Bristle

Interesting stuff on CNS on the new USCCB President. Some refreshing candor from Archbishop Dolan when asked about the pre-election campaigning from the Catholic Right:

That wouldn’t be new. There’s always some controversy around the elections. It’s not like I’ve been immune from that. I’ve felt the heat from blog attacks myself. The bishops bristle if they feel there’s any undue pressure from the outside.

I thought the piece was a bit on the fluffy side. No mention of the fuss before Cardinal George ascended to the … well, whatever you call it where all the guys have a cathedra. No mention, of course, from the Right on the Cardinal George ’07 campaign. It would be easy to mistake the NCReg and all for being hypocrites. I’m sure the reasonable explanation is that they’re all just caught up in the politics of the decade. As Fr Michael suggests, 90% of them probably didn’t even know there was a USCCB President before that flaming liberal Bishop Kicanas stuck his nose in where liberals don’t belong.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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