OCF 209-210: Act of Committal and Conclusion

Just as the Song of Farewell is the highlight of the Final Commendation, the Act of Committal stands at the apex of the final funeral ritual.

209. The act of committal takes place after the words of committal (in the rite of committal with final commendation, after the prayer of commendation) or the conclusion of the rite. The act of committal expresses the full significance of this rite. Through this act the community of faith proclaims that the grave or place of internment, once a sign of futility and despair, has been transformed by means of Christ’s own death and resurrection into a sign of hope and promise.

210. Both forms of the rite conclude with a prayer over the people, which includes the verse Eternal rest, and a blessing. Depending on local custom, a song may then be sung and a gesture of final leave-taking may be made, for example, placing flowers or soil on the coffin.

That Christ transforms the grave, we hear this at Mass. It’s a good reminder for emphasis at the place of rest. I like the notion of a physical gesture of leave-taking. Most of the time it would be appropriate and an expression that would help the grief process move forward. What do you think?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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