Another Family Comedy Unfolds

Disappointment Thursday from the young miss: I had a late afternoon meeting, so she couldn’t show me her phone of choice at our favorite local tech store. Little did I know that an innocent-looking Friday afternoon would find us all a few short hours later admiring our new phones.

For three-point-four years, I’ve enjoyed my flip open device. I’ve had a nice little camera to take images. I love my pocket phone.

After the 2007 cell-phone acquisition, we quickly shed our land-line. Don’t miss it a bit. And while I’ve never had anything but good experiences with our former contract holders, I confess one glaring problem since we moved to Iowa: the signal inside the house has been horrid.

That was enough to start me thinking about ditching our current provider and looking at options.

We spent about two-and-a-half hours mostly in the tech store, but with a side trip to one of the name-brand outfits up the road. Good thing we shopped around. The tech store had “free” phones. The deal at the name-store was buy one, get one free. Their suggestion was to purchase four phones for the price of two to outfit the three of us. Clearly, this new business tech generation hasn’t mastered the math.

“That’s not free,” I muttered to my wife. “What are we going to do? Give phone number four to the cat?”

We were looking at $200 in activation fees, too.

“No special deals,” the seller said.

After a quick family huddle, it was time to backtrack to the tech store. It was a pretty entertaining afternoon. We ran into my sister-in-law–also shopping for new phones and escaping from the name-store in her town a bit north of us. The young miss was in a decidedly non-adolescent mood, and she and I made wisecracks through much of the time.

Last week, I was thinking nothing could improve upon the Samsung Stripe. It didn’t take me long to appreciate the fold-out keyboard and the ease of two-thumb texting on it. I’m still screwing up the zxcv line, and it took me ten minutes to find the period, but I can get used to this. I tried the Facebook connection. I guess I can fit in with all the students now. I snapped a few images: the cat, the young miss, and the moon. They seem a little dark and blurry in comparison.

Unfortunately, my wife has lost the images on her old phone. I kept suggesting for the past two years she organize that pile of pictures she downloaded onto the site of our old provider. The tech guy at the store only downloaded her contact list into the new phone–no images. I told her we could crack her old phone and get the images from there relatively easily. By the time we got home tonight, our old provider had thoroughly dropped us, and I was glad I got most of my images copied from their site and stored on the home computer. We’ll have to see if we can get about an hour’s access to the old stuff. Otherwise I may have to withhold part of the payment on this last billing cycle.

Meanwhile, we’ll see if the non-signal aspects of our new provider are as good as the last company. Any good phone stories out there to share?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to Another Family Comedy Unfolds

  1. Randolph Nichols says:

    After my wife and I recently moved into our new house we decided to drop the land line and go all wireless. Our old land line company then informed us our monthly charge for internet and tv will steeply increase because the original rate was based on a bundle package that included the land line phone. In other words, if we retain the land line we pay less. You’ve got to give these companies credit. They get you coming and going.

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