The Winters of our Discontent

It can be either funny or shocking when otherwise liberal commentators drink the corporate Kool-Aid and cherry pick their “hysterical” opposition on important issues of the day. MSW’s commentary is often entertaining and usually provocative. But as long as he’s running a commentariat blog on NCR, it’s time to open up the floodgates and let those comments flow.

Somewhere in between burst urine bags and a domestic terrorist threat we saw nothing of in the three decades prior to 9/11 is some measure of truth. If I want my post on NCR, do I have to get “hysterical,” and suggest aliens have taken over the TSA, or that this is a shell game to dupe our adversaries, or a diversion from the possibility our president is still authorizing torture, assassination, and such?

As for the polling numbers, it seems people are fine when others are invaded, but not so happy when it happens to them. Mr Obama and his TSA: clumsy and probably deserving of the backlash coming their way. This episode needed more intelligence and planning. Or maybe it’s playing out the way it was intended. Would that be hysterical enough, Mr Winters?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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