MR3 Parade: Kiwis Follow South Africa

Adam Bartlett is about two years behind the implementation of the ’08 Ordo Missae in South Africa, but he and his confreres at The Chant Cafe seem to have enough to cheer about with New Zealand’s partial implementation. The commentariat at InsideCatholic has a more bitter streak. Laced with latent sedevacantism, too.

I’m not sure why musicians promoting the propers so vehemently are so gung-ho on the MR3 interpretation. It’s still not harmonized to the Lectionary. They still use the same set of propers on the 24th Sunday of Ordinary Time, for example, regardless of which Gospel is being proclaimed and preached: the debtors and the king, the prophecy of the Passion and the rebuke of Peter, or the return of the Prodigal. If indeed these proper texts are so essential to a better celebration of liturgy than those who use songs and hymns, why is it less important to harmonize these offerings in the Missal itself? In fact, if any music planner is careful with the parish repertoire and the Scriptures, it’s likely our hymns and songs will be a better match for the liturgy than semi-random antiphons plunked in to fill space at the top of the Missal page.

I know I get occasional hits from New Zealand and environs. Any tales to tell of the partial implementation there? And please tell me if you can: how did you get your translation of the MR3 into Maori approved so quickly?

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