Blame The Messenger

Steven Long’s brief bit on Zenit today stumbles a bit on the catechetical front:

In the current media-engendered vortex of illusion regarding the Church’s teaching about disordered sexual acts and condoms…

Also to blame, of course, is the current culture of the 24-hour news cycle …

In titling the piece “How The Church Teaches,” we are treated not to Christ first, or to an analysis of how popes and cardinals have taught well, but to laying blame on people who are not necessarily of the Church.

Maybe these people have to realize that perhaps the right message is there, but it’s being clumsily handled by the Holy Father and the Roman bureaucracy.

And this op-ed is a classic case. Is this how the Church really teaches? By criticizing those outside of it? Whom does that sound like?

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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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