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The War on Christmas has found its way to my own town. Even to the institution that will assist in the education of the young miss next year. No matter that they called it a winter tree. But as I … Continue reading

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OCF 241: Planning a Child’s Funeral

241. Those involved in planning the funeral rites for a deceased child should take into account the age of the child, the circumstances of the death, the grief of the family, and the needs and customs of those taking part … Continue reading

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Investigation Turns To Reconciliation

Another point of good news for Catholic theocons to knash their teeth upon: the tide has turned. It seems the CICLSAL is in full retreat from investigation mode and, thanks in part to a guy who seems to be a … Continue reading

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My friend Jeffrey Tucker is scratching his head again. ICEL of 1988 criticizing the work of ICEL in 1970: this does not compute. Do liturgical conservatives think that ICEL was some sort of liturgical star chamber inserting Wiccan texts written … Continue reading

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O, Quo Vadis?

Well, I’ve just eliminated one person from getting the solid black mark on my 2012 presidential ballot. I hope the congressional Democrats cut off Mr Obama at the knees on this one. They showed some spunk a few years ago, … Continue reading

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