Investigation Turns To Reconciliation

Another point of good news for Catholic theocons to knash their teeth upon: the tide has turned. It seems the CICLSAL is in full retreat from investigation mode and, thanks in part to a guy who seems to be a sensible leader, is now in reconciliation mode. Talk about not losing a sense of sin:

Rome must acknowledge the “depth of anger and hurt” provoked by a visitation of American nuns … it illustrates the need for a “strategy of reconciliation” with women religious.


Commentary is up a few places on the web. NCR’s John Allen will have a full interview up tomorrow from Monday’s chat with Archbishop Tobin.

If my brother and sister believers were truly sad about some aspect of the Church that was really worth a lament, I would join them. The trimming of arts education in Catholic schools to the bone. Carpets and microphones in churches. Talk-show presiders. Plastic art replicas. Horrid music. Poor music. Mediocre music. MR1. I’m there with you. Really. In some cases I was there with you twelve to twenty-six years ago. Even before you got there yourselves.

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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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