Two Turtle Duds

If Keith Olbermann were a Catholic blogger, he could designate these two guys grinch and grinchier. Argentine Archbishop Fabriciano Sigampa forgets his European heritage, especially his brother and predecessor of Myra. No Santa! he told children. Forget the saints of tradition, seems to be his motto. And who needs them when we have the bishops and political leaders of today.

Bishop Olmsted of Phoenix wants control of Arizonan Catholic hospitals, by gum. Not enough that he fumbled on declaring that Catholics can excommunicate themselves, and seemed to have failed the finer points of moral theology.

Any nominees in the hierarchy for grinchiest? What about the bishops in charge of the CDWDS?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to Two Turtle Duds

  1. Bill Kurtz says:

    Olmsted probably regrets that he was born 400 years too late to get in on the fun during the Inquisition.

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