CitE* Watch: Midwest Shuffle

Small city Kansas to big city Oklahoma. Archbishop Coakley on his new assignment:

This new pastoral responsibility is an opportunity and a challenge that I certainly had not sought, but one which I will eagerly embrace with all my heart.

From being a priest of Wichita to Bishop of Salina: this move is reasonable enough, though I don’t know why more clergy aren’t elevated from within their own diocese. I remember a rather chilling comment a few weeks ago on PrayTell, in which someone suggested being at a gathering of clergy and giving a compliment to an absent person–another priest or the bishop–and seeing the reaction it rendered. That such a positive remark might be dismissed speaks to me of a certain toxicity in the priesthood. Who deals with that?

Then we have the further erosion of the traditional and classical notion that a bishop is married to his diocese. The Bernard Law/Newt Gingrich Exception is still in place: marriage unless and until a more attractive spouse becomes available.

And lest anyone think I’m picking on the newest US archbishop, I’ll offer a big thumbs up to his two-decades’ toil as a parish pastor. Would that every bishop have such experience before heading to the local cathedra.

*Careerism in the Episcopacy


About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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