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Wonder Wonder Wonder

Before you get to the tunes in the Sacred Harp, there is a chapter on “Rudiments of Music.” One of the illustrative pieces there is THE YOUNG CONVERT from 1805’s Christian Harmony. I’ve always liked that little tune, and with … Continue reading

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What’s With Bashing Santa?

Interesting the pokes Santa Claus is taking from Christendom these days. It ranges from the extremes of public denial (Santa is a materialistic fat man dressed in red) to a gentler noodle-lashing. This phenomenon is worth a closer look, and … Continue reading

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OCF 264-275: Funeral Liturgy for a Child

The Church has already described the funeral liturgy in OCF 128-153. In today’s twelve sections, we find a set of reminders, mainly those aspects of adult funerals that pertain to those of a child. Instead of drawing out this post … Continue reading

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