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Advent Pageant Up

The parish’s liturgy Facebook page now has our Advent Pageant up. Saints Point to Christ featured an apocryphal retelling of the first Christmas creche, in which Francis of Assisi dreams of both Biblical events and the witness of Saints Lucy … Continue reading

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Monday Delay

To my surprise I opened my dresser drawer this morning and discovered that between my wife, my daughter, and I, we had collectively forgotten to launder whites for ourselves. Funny how the last 2010 week of school, the parish Advent … Continue reading

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Music of a Divided Soul

Jimmy Mac sent along a Tablet piece by Paul Bailey on the composer Francis Poulenc. Bailey mentions music critic Claude Rostand’s assessment of Poulenc as part monk, part guttersnipe (voyou). Is such an internal conflict a fruitful branch for a … Continue reading

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OCF 276-294: Funeral Mass for a Child

The funeral Mass for a child is in no structural way different from that of an adult (OCF 158-176). Note Thursday’s blog post on the alternate wording for receiving an unbaptized child at church. If the body is received at … Continue reading

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