OCF 276-294: Funeral Mass for a Child

The funeral Mass for a child is in no structural way different from that of an adult (OCF 158-176). Note Thursday’s blog post on the alternate wording for receiving an unbaptized child at church. If the body is received at the time of the funeral (OCF 278 B) this alternate wording is used instead of sprinkling the body with holy water.

At other places in the funeral Mass one will find logical alternate wordings that address the situation of an unbaptized child. Why? The new funeral rites are so rooted in baptismal references and imagery that care should be taken not to allude to something that was not celebrated with the deceased person.

OCF 285 give s a model of General Intercessions. More ideas are provided later in OCF 401. One example of the sensitivity to the child’s situation:

For N’s friends, those who played with him/her and those who cared for him/her, that they be consoled in their loss and strengthened in their love for one another.

On a last note the very-important concluding rituals (288-294) contain the same texts and psalm suggestions as did OCF 170-176. The rite does include an extra responsory for the Song of Farewell:

I know that my Redeemer lives:
on the last day I shall rise again.

R. And in my flesh I shall see God


R. On the last day I shall rise again.

I shall see him myself, face to face;
and my own eyes shall behold my Savior. R.

Within my heart I hope I cherish:
that in my flesh I shall see God. R.

And as with adult funerals, a reference is given to OCF 403 for alternate texts.

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