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Advent 2011, Or Perhaps Not

A crack in the edifice: ICEL Chair Arthur Roche waffles on Advent 2011. I still have my doubts this implementation is going to go down smooth. “Unrest” in New York, according to PrayTell. I shared the NY story with a … Continue reading

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Lord, Today

Time to see if the waters of collaboration and comment on liturgical music are poisoned or something. Try this: Lord, Today I wrote this in 1992 and used the text of the common Christmas psalm refrain and the ICEL Psalter’s … Continue reading

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Speaking of the Editing Process …

I was reading some fluff science fiction over the weekend. There’s one scene where the heroes are escaping the police, and an investigator is poking into a trap door that leads to a rather dangerous watery environment. The author vividly … Continue reading

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The Icy Streets of Catholic Commentary

More than one pastor has remarked to me the frustrating phenomenon of conjoined parish meetings. You know what I mean, right? Within the walls of the parish building, people can be very meek with their commentary. And often, those of … Continue reading

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