Advent 2011, Or Perhaps Not

A crack in the edifice: ICEL Chair Arthur Roche waffles on Advent 2011.

I still have my doubts this implementation is going to go down smooth. “Unrest” in New York, according to PrayTell. I shared the NY story with a priest friend, who asked me if it meant anything. I think it’s part of a bigger picture of erosion in the Roman bureaucracy. I’d say the whole MR3 has gone about as badly as it could. A lesser 2008 Missal, but one largely faithful to Liturgiam Authenticam. A 2010 version, leaked like secret diplomatic documents, that’s even worse. It converted nobody who disliked 2008, and it alienated a lot of pro-LA Catholics.

Some people worried about Pope Benedict’s age when he was elected pope. Judging by the behavior of the curia, I’d be more worried about dementia in the bureaucratic ranks. The Holy Father seems fine.

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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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