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The liberal news blog Crooks and Liars gets its claws into Pope Benedict’s recent statement blaming the 70’s for pedophilia. Any conservative Catholics feel like going into the lion’s den on this one? I sure don’t. I find the commentariat … Continue reading

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How Do You Know?

Just finished up the second of two New Year’s Eve weddings. Nice couples, both. The parish priests split ’em, each taking one. So I got to hear two different wedding homilies tonight. I was struck by Fr Jon’s homily in … Continue reading

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OCF 350-351: Morning and Evening

The OCF references the GILH for the most-appropriate “hinges,” Morning and Evening Prayer: 350. At morning prayer the Christian community recalls “the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, the true light enlightening all people (see John 1:9) and ‘the sun of … Continue reading

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