How Do You Know?

Just finished up the second of two New Year’s Eve weddings. Nice couples, both. The parish priests split ’em, each taking one. So I got to hear two different wedding homilies tonight.

I was struck by Fr Jon’s homily in the 7:30 wedding, responding to the question of how one knows they have fallen in love with the right person. When the love expands and embraces other people. So during the vows I was fingering my wedding band and thinking how this was true with my wife and me.

The easy sign is children. We were unable to conceive biologically, so we adopted a daughter about nine years ago. I’ve enjoyed doing weddings with my wife–she’s a fantastic singer and great assistant when I plan music with couples. We’ve also done liturgical music together for almost twenty years. And wherever we’ve done that, it’s been part of our task to expand our group, to lasso in new singers and encourage them in musical and liturgical leadership.

I think that children aren’t quite enough. And in a society that struggles with what marriage means, it’s a good benchmark for any couple. With same-sex couples, does the love expand and embrace others? Is it a clear sign that love has been planted in the world, and that the world is a little bit richer for the commitment of two people? And obviously, a Catholic couple’s sacramentality is based on this. Long after the children have been raised and left home. Does the love still spread in evidence of the presence of Christ? Good thoughts for a New Year’s Eve night. Whether you are partying like an animal or going to bed early, think about the love in your life. Where is it going? Where are you going? Are you evidence of Christ? How do you know?

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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