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Top-Heavy Evangelism

Do I detect a note of urgency on the New Euro-re-evangelization front? Finally? What is this–two centuries too late? From Austen Ivereigh’s commentary at the America blog, after he lays out the who’s who of prelates involved: Their task now … Continue reading

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Like this reviewer, I had my doubts about this film when I first heard about it. The big box office didn’t help it, either. The young miss got Avatar from Santa in ’09. And that movie, while decent, lacked the … Continue reading

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The Perfume of Petrol

I didn’t follow the first “perfumed traditionalist” thread at PrayTell very closely. I see author and theologian David Berger has returned to the scene. Don’t get me wrong on what I’m about to opine: I believe in the truth and … Continue reading

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Looking Back and Around

I was curious about the start of church document analysis on this site. Turns out it all began in June 2005. Like some sort of creepy mid-year’s resolution. The Catholic blogosphere had a cast of different main characters back then. … Continue reading

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OCF 368: Careful Preparation

Parishes should be prepared for the celebration of the liturgy of the hours. SC and the General Introduction to the Liturgy of the Hours (see the sidebar; GILH) both suggest it as part of a parish’s palette of liturgical prayer. … Continue reading

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